The installation

The installation conducts of a technical drawings and implementation of the selected elements such as the treadmill, platform, plants, green wall and a gamification technology.

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About the process

The installation plan for your new office

1. Make an appointment
2. Discuss the options and technical drawings.
3. Walking room shares the quotation.
4. Make a choice and select the elements.
5. Walking room installs the treadmill(s).

What's included in this process?

walking room revolutionizes traditional workplace environments by developing human-centered products. Install our largest treadmill of the world, and create an environment that fits the needs of tenants. Do you want to change the way we work together with us?

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What our clients say about walking room

"Walking is wonderful!"

Jeroen Lokerse  - Cushman Wakefield
Wellbeing Innovation Manager

"Walking is wonderful! I think exercise is very important. It is important for people not to sit still all day but to alternate."

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