What are office trends that will shape the future?

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What are office trends that will shape the future?
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April 16, 2023
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What are office trends that will shape the future?

The office of the future offers employees the opportunity to come together and work. It is a place where enough attention is paid to health and well-being.

The importance of a healthy workplace

Recently we have published a number of blogs about the ideal workplace. These blogs were about healthy food, plants and daylight. In addition to these three important elements to optimize the workplace, it is important to get enough exercise and relaxation. The fact that exercise and relaxation are becoming increasingly important for employees is confirmed by two articles by major real estate organizations. In this blog we discuss the trends described by JLL and CBRE for the office of the future.

CBRE: Working together in the office

CBRE has made a top 10 predictions about the office of the future. What becomes clear when reading the article are a number of things: employees want a healthy working environment with sufficient services where they can work together. The office is a central place for the company where the organisational culture is strengthened and contributes to a broader ecosystem. This ecosystem includes working from home, flex offices and, for example, restaurants. Other trends in CBRE’s article include:

1. Measuring performance in the workplace is changing

2. Collaborations between HR, IT and facilities are becoming more important

3. Employees want more space when they work individually

JLL: Companies are changing their approach

86% of UK businesses are changing their approach to employee health and wellbeing. This large number is due to the corona pandemic. JLL’s article also discusses a number of changes:

1. Employees now prioritise work-life balance over a comfortable salary, and three in four expect their employer to support their health, wellness and nutrition.

2. The office design focuses on communal space above individual workstations.

3. Employers recognise the value of a people-centered workplace that emphasises the individual and what they need to do a good job.

What is your new favorite architecture trend?