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The workplace where you take steps

Offices are great for businesses but not great for humans. We empower and inspire human beings to live healthier and active lives. To do so, we revolutionise traditional workspaces by manufacturing most human-centered product, world’s largest treadmill of 13 square meters.

walkingroom used for a meeting
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Meet the elements

Nowadays, asset managers and real estate development firms invest heavily in health facilities. On their turn, tenants prioritize spaces that foster collaboration and innovation.

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About us

Are our office lifestyle habits these days the way to go?

Many hours of sitting turn into sadness, slowness and sickness. Humans are designed to walk, and yet every aspect of the modern work life seems to push us to a sedentary lifestyle.

Sitting is the new smoking. Sitting down as much as we do these days affects us as much as smoking does.

Let's Change The Way We Work Forever!

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What our customers say

“Movement is extremely important

Movement throughout the day is extremely important for your physical wellbeing. In this sedentary world we need creative ways of being able to move and work at the same time without it being distracted. walking meeting room to me is one of the best examples I have worked on thus far.

Florijn Vriend - EDGE Technologies
Wellbeing Innovation Manager